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The Dunwells are delighted that the refurbishment of Aire Street Recording is now complete after much hard work and investment.  Situated five minutes walk from Leeds station it’s ideally placed for artists from near and far.  A victorian building houses a modern creative hub with that real retro / vintage feel. It combines a relaxed and professional environment with multi purpose spaces for them and clients to capture those creative moments.  The new piano room is a standout feature.

They will also look to build on their portfolio of work from here following many recent successes. These include chart topping collaborations, syncs / music for Netflix, Disney, BBC, ITV and commissions with UK & US companies.  Hoping to make Aire Street a destination for musicians from across the UK and overseas.

Can’t make it to the studio… No probs they can come direct to you with ‘Aire Street on the Road.’

in the


The Doors are open 🎉

Airestreet.rec now fully refurbished

this is where the magic happen. 


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student masterclass


corporate workshop

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Song Commissions


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the studio

The place where the magic happens.  Ideas, inspirations, melodies brought to life and laid down using a blend of analog and digital technologies.  The studio has everything you need - just bring yourself. 


the piano room

That intimate space where the music is captured at its purest. 


The meet and greet space. Great for a catch up or a bit of business over a brew. 


the locker

The safe and secure space for the gear, the merch, and anything else we might need. 

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on the road

While Aire Street Recording in Leeds may be our home, we love to get out on the road to bring the creativity direct to you.  Whether through out student masterclasses or our new corporate workshops, we can bring the magic of Aire Street Recording in to your space. 

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